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THEME:    “Productivity: The Key to Economic & Social Development” VENUE:    Union Headquarters, Dalkeith Road, St. Michael Formal Opening 5.30 p.m., Thursday, March 23, 2017 Business Session 11.00 a.m., Saturday, March 25, 2017 A G E N D A Call to Order/Ascertainment of Quorum 1. Prayers 2 Announcements 3. Appointment of Credentials Committee 4. […]

International Women’s Day Message

The Gender Affairs Committee of the National Union of Public Workers of Barbados joins the rest of the World in celebrating International Women’s Day 2017 under the theme “Be Bold For Change.” We applaud the political, social and economic achievements of the women of Barbados, and across the World. Woman’s Day was first observed in […]

Sequence of Events – GAIA Inc. Salaries and Wages Proposal

Date Activity June 15 2015 NUPW contended that 3.5% pay increase was due to GAIA Inc. Staff.  Negotiations continued between NUPW and Labour Department March 8 2016 GAIA Inc. staff requested the union concentrate on new negotiations rather than pursing 3.5% pay increase April 11 2016 New salaries and wages proposal sent to GAIA Inc. […]

Defining the Contract of the Employee

Prepared by Wayne Walrond Assistant General Secretary Where the worker controls the manner in which the work is carried out and has the freedom to engage his or her services outside the contractual arrangement, a contract for service can be deemed to exist despite the factor of mutuality of obligation being present. THE PART TIME/CASUAL […]

President New Year’s Message

Akanni McDowall President I am indeed grateful to have the honour and privilege in my capacity as President of the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) to address you on the eve of a New Year on behalf of the membership, National Council, Executive Committee and Secretariat of this distinguished organisation. This is the time […]