Aims and Objectives

Our Mission/Vision and Values:

“To be a professional provider of worker representation and socio-economic benefits to the public worker in Barbados and the wider Caribbean”

Aims and Objectives

The basic aims and objectives of the N.U.P.W. are as follows:

(a)   Completely unionize all government workers;

(b)   Effectively bargain and negotiate on behalf of all its members;

(c)   Improve and protect pay and conditions of employment of all its members

(d)   Promote good interpersonal relationship between members and their employees;

(e)   Promote Trade Unionism and Credit Unionism; and

(f)    Promote generally the total well-being of its members, economically, socially and culturally.

The National Union Of Public Workers Union

N.U.P.W.  has a membership of over 10,000 strong and represents all categories of government workers including casual employees, clerical staff, senior and managerial staff, security officers, employees in the legal services, health, education, revenue collection, welfare, statutory boards, etc.

We are professionals when it comes to representing government workers and giving individual representation.

N.U.P.W.  Impacts on the formulation and administration of Government Policy.

In recent times, a lot of emphasis has been placed on productivity and Public Sector Reform. The N.U.P.W.  is continuously making its input to ensure the total well-being of the workers is protected, while supporting the policy of efficiency and productivity.