The N.U.P.W was founded January 22nd, 1944, registered as a Trade Union on October 15, 1964, and was formerly called the Civic Service Association until October 1971, when the name was changed to The National Union of Public Workers to reflect the changing composition of the membership of the organization.

The first secretariat headquarters of the Barbados Civil Service Association was located at Spry Street.

In 1968, the Association acquired its first permanent headquarters at “BACSA House”, Belmont Road, St. Michael.

In 1979, the Union acquired more spacious surroundings for its operations at “Dalkeith House”, Dalkeith Road, St. Michael.

1985 saw the formation of the Public Workers’ Academy, the first of its kind in the Caribbean offering a wide range of courses to Trade Union members locally and regionally.

Aims and Objectives

Our Mission/Vision and Values:

“To be a professional provider of worker representation and socio-economic benefits to the public worker in Barbados and the wider Caribbean”

The basic aims and objectives of the N.U.P.W. are as follows:

(a)   Completely unionize all government workers;

(b)   Effectively bargain and negotiate on behalf of all its members; 

(c)   Improve and protect pay and conditions of employment of all its members

(d)   Promote good interpersonal relationship between members and their employees;

(e)   Promote Trade Unionism and Credit Unionism; and

(f)    Promote generally the total well-being of its members, economically, socially and culturally.

Executive Members

The Executive Committee, i.e. The President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, 3rd Vice President, General Treasurer, Deputy General Treasurer in conjunction with the General Secretary, superintends the general administration of the union. The Immediate Past President shall also be included in the Executive Committee in an advisory capacity, provided that person has not been removed from Office.

Akanni McDowall


Kim Webster

first vice president

Charles Bostic

second vice president

Kimberley Agard

third vice president

Pamela Humphrey

general treasurer

Roy Greenidge

deputy general treasurer